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Best 119 Traveler Gift Ideas Any Traveler Would Love

Traveler Gift Idea package

It’s always hard to shop for the ones that are always on the go. It’s not exactly like they can travel around with the latest Instapot… This list of traveler gift ideas is comprised for the ones who know someone, love someone, live with someone who is always packing their bag, ready to take on airport security.

Here is my list of the BEST 119 gift ideas for any and all types of traveler. Pick and choose or draw inspiration from this goliath list. If you leave this post without knowing what to get your pal then I suggest a puppy. Whether you need something to gift for when they are managing their travel in Thailand, or waiting in the security lane in LAX, this list has you covered!

gifts for a traveler

Gifts for the Practical Traveler

1. Travel Books

travel books

I KNOW. Books. Ew. So Old school. But these are a wonderful, could I even say “classic”, gift for those who want to curl up by the fireplace this winter and plan their Spring trip to Peru.

2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

gifts for travelers

A great idea for the one in your life who switches book genres every 23 minutes. Sometimes we want to read about self-help with a cup of coffee, and read about dragons with our glass of wine. And in case you spill that glass (or bottle, no judgement) it’s waterproof! Traveling with real books is heavy ordeal, get them a Kindle.

3. A Clear Membership

traveler security gift

Give the gift of stress free airport security! Hear me out. If you are already a member of CLEAR (the quick identification airport verification experience) then you can add up to 3 family or friends on your account for only $60 each. This might not be the “cutest” gift but they will genuinely thank you.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

traveler gift headphones

Noise cancelling headphones make all the difference in watching a movie while on a plane vs. having a mile high cinema experience. What’s great about this traveler gift idea, is that they come in a wide price range, so you can find one to suit your budget.

5. Crumple Maps

Crumpled Map traveler giftgift

I love this idea. These maps can be crumpled, shoved, and thrown in a backpack without worry of tearing. They are 100% waterproof and come in 28 different city options. Sometimes you don’t have internet, sometimes you need an old school map.

6. Packing Cubes

gift ideas for travelers

These little things are magic. I always thought they were excessive until my sister bought me some. Turns out, once you organize everything into a cube, your bag becomes a beautiful puzzle that just fits. They are great for keeping you organized when space is limited.

7. GoToobs

ideas for travelers gifts

Every traveler gift ideas list should include these, leak-proof travel tubes. And GoToobs are TSA-friendly and have a zillion positive reviews on Amazon. They really are leak-proof, I have some. And they also are super-duper easy to fill because they have a large opening to pour liquids into. Plus they come in different sizes, how wonderful! 1.25 ounces, 2.5 ounces, and 3.4 ounces.

8. Electronics Organizer​

ideas for gifts for travelers

We may be separating our socks and underwear but how often do you know exactly where you Kindle charger is? Having a little electronics organizer is a wonderful option for traveler gift ideas inspo. It will make their life easier and not many people think to already own one.

9. Bag Tracker

travel gift ideas

They are small and light and help you keep track of all the essentials when changing hostels every 3 nights. Bag trackers are also a great tool to make sure you know exactly where your checked bag went when it’s not showing up on the baggage carousel.

10. Translation pocket book

travel gift inspiration

Yes there are translator apps but sometimes you have no data and you forget how to order 3 chocolate eclairs and you’re worried the guy behind the counter thinks you are on something…because you potentially just order 3,000 donkeys.

11. Lightweight rain jacket

travel gift

No matter where they are going, it will probably rain at least once when the forecast says they are in a drought. The jacket acts as a wind breaker over a sweatshirt when its freaking cold and protects you from melting when it’s raining. And it takes up virtually no space in the bag.

12. Shopping bags

gift inspo for traveling

Help the eco-traveler out. If they have a bag with a cute and fun print they will be 79% (I made this up) more likely to use it. But seriously, having a shopping bag that folds into itself is a game changer. I throw it in my purse and forget about it until I need it.

13. Laptop Case That Slides Out of Backpack Easily

traveler present

When going through airport security a million times, it’s great to have a product someone gifted you with one little purpose, to make your life easier. I HATE having to get my laptop out of my overstuffed backpack. Having a neoprene laptop case makes it easy to slip out of the tightest of backpacks while protecting it from bumps and bruises.

14. Large Capacity Flash Drive

travel gifts

They may not ask for it but they will thank you when they use it. If they are anything like me, they will take thousands of videos and pictures on their trips and not want to delete a single one. Give them the gift of electronic hoarding so they can keep their 6 photo copies of that random dog they found and still be good to go for their next trip.

15. Rechargeable Phone Case

travel present ideas

Sometimes you open up 23 applications and forget to shut them down. Or sometimes you leave your phone light on for 2 hours. And sometimes you need a phone case that has your back for when you witness the unbelievable, need to snap a pic, and your phone is on 1% battery.

16. Cleansing Wipes

travel gift ideas

A thoughtful gift that they will surely appreciate. These wipes are great to throw in the backpack and keep the traveler feeling fresh and fabulous (or at least a little less disgusting) after a 9 hour flight.

17. Travel Backpack

travel gift ideas

An essential for every traveler. The range of options is endless so depending on your relationship to the traveler I would even suggest buying it with them. It can be a very personal choice so make sure you have a good idea of what they are looking for before you drop the big bucks.

18. Portable Charger

traveler gift ideas

This should be a no brainer. I personally adore my ANKER Powercore portable charger. It can charge my phone from 0-100% 4 times without needing to recharge the bank. It’s my security blanket while traveling, it’s hard to always have the correct plugs when international, so this has saved my but a few times.

19. Day Pack

traveler gift ideas

Purses are nice and cute but daypacks shine on museum days. When you (or rather the person you are shopping for as you look at this list) go out for an entire day, you want to be able to bring all the necessities so you don’t have to head back to the hotel in the middle of your (their) tourist-ing awesomeness. LuLuLemon has some really great options.

20. Laundry Bag

travel gift inspiration

A very practical gift on our list of traveler gift ideas. They may not request someone gifting them a laundry bag, but I guarantee if you find one in a fun enough print they will get excited over a laundry bag. Because EVERY TRAVELER NEEDS ONE. No one has time to have dirty underwear touch a clean shirt.

21. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Traveling gift idea

What a fabulous invention! Another option for your world traveling bud or love dove is a hanging toiletry bag. When spaces are tight, (which they are in most countries besides the USA) this is a great option to clear counter space while still having your essentials in eye view.

22. Compression Bags

travel gifts

Not sexy but necessary. Compression bags are so USEFUL! The practical traveler would adore you for gifting a set of these. Anyone who is constantly moving around and wants to shove that extra sweatshirt into their bag, this invention will do just the trick.

23. Charging Pad

traveler gifts

A great option for those with a million apple products. A charging pad can eliminate needing to pack multiple cords for all the different plugs. It can also provide a way to charge multiple devices without needing multiple outlets. Charge your iPhone, your AirPods, and your Apple watch at one time!

24. Travel Toothbrush

gift ideas for a traveler

Get them a foldable travel toothbrush! It may seem like an afterthought but traveling with a toothbrush can be annoying and gross. A compact foldable option provides a built in travel cap that will protect the bristles and keep bag travel nastiness away.

25. Charging Cords in Different Lengths

travel present

Maybe not a necessity on the traveler gift ideas list, but something very handy to have. When you’re in a small hotel room that has one outlet next to the desk but you want to research tourist attractions until you fall asleep, you’ll want an extra-long charging cable.

26. Portable HotSpot

tech travel gifts

With smartphone use as popular as sliced bread this may seem like an outdated product. However the use has changed and it has its place. A portable hotspot provides secure connectivity and security for the traveler who needs to be connected all day long. Also a great option for those overseas to avoid costly roaming charges. 

27. Dopp Kit

travel gifts

I didn’t really know what a Dopp kit was before creating this list but I actually own one and love it. Dopp kits are a great tool for consolidating hygiene, body, and toiletry supplies that you need on your trip. A great present for someone who likes to always know where their razor is.

28. RFID blocking sleeves

travel gift ideas

Just to keep worries at bay. RFID blocking sleeves can keep your financials secure when you are packed in on a train or in an airport. However, most wallets already have RFID blocking capabilities and most chip embedded credit cards don’t transmit any info unless they are inserted. So think twice if you think your traveling friends need one.

Gifts for the Adventure Traveler

29. Leatherman Multi Tool

travel gift idea

A wonderful tool that is simply the KING. This tool has multiple functions including but not limited to pliers, a screwdriver,  a knife, a safety whistle. The list goes on and anyone who likes a bit of adventure would LOVE this gift.

30. Binoculars

Binoculars traveler gift ideas

I like to think of this as an old school gift. This isn’t super popular with millennials but would be adored. For the adventurer who wants to spot nature from far away or witness a storm in the distance, this can be a fun traveler gift ideas option.

31. Hiking Boots

Travel Present

Hiking boots versus gym shoes make all the difference. If you are shopping for someone who is convinced that they can hike in Nikes try gifting them a pair of true hiking boots and they will be forever converted and in gratitude. And you’ll also save them a trip to the hospital.

32. Tent

traveler gift ideas

This gift can inspire those who might not have all the tools to fight the wilderness but are keen to dip their toes in the water. It’s a garage staple that can last for years to come and this product comes with a large price range.

33. Flask

traveler gift ideas

Because we are saving the environment and we don’t want our friends and family to litter. We’re just thinking ahead is all. Plus they come in such fun shapes and designs!

34. Travel Hammock

travel gift idea

Having good quality portable hammocks are wonderful traveler gift ideas for the ones who are always outside. Pay attention to size and weight if you want this to still be practical for someone who is always on the go. Hammocks can come in multiple sizes, I would suggest looking for a hammock 2 feet longer than the size of the giftee.

35. Waterproof Bag

traveler gift ideas

Not only useful for camping or crazy adventuring but also for those who want to keep their belongings dry while they are on a boat going snorkeling in the Caribbean. They come in different sizes depending on the needs.

36. Rope

travel present

Not saying all these traveler gift ideas are cute and adorable but a true adventure traveler would appreciate good rope! Rope is one of the most versatile tools for life. There are books written on the importance of rope. It would be a funny gift, and a useful one!

37. Survival Kit

travel gift

You can interpret this anyway that you’d like. But if you’d like some help we could go the literal route and get a box and fill it with flint, cotton, and Vaseline. (fire starter kit). Or we can go the cute route; Advil, Band-Aids, ointment, gum, a sewing kit, stain remover, etc.

38. Swiss Army Knife

travel gift list

An alternative to the Leatherman Multi-tool. A Swiss Army Knife can be used to open things, cut things, file things, the list goes on and on.

39. Sleeping Bag

christmas traveler gift

A high quality sleeping bag will help keep body temperature regulated. That means when you want to be warm you’ll be warm and if you need to stay cool you’ll stay cool. If you know a traveler who’s always trying to get by on a budget, offer a high quality sleeping bag that you can be sure they will get good use out of. 

40. Camping Chair

travel gifts

Great traveler gift ideas for the outdoorsy adventurers you know. It might be something that they have been too frugal to buy themselves but I suspect they would use them quite often if they had one or two.

41. Portable Speaker

travel gift for holidays

Traveler gift ideas that come in a wide price range are your friend. You can find something that fits your budget while still offering them pristine sound they can take on the go. This is a great gift idea for those who like to bring good vibes wherever they go. I use mine whenever staying in a hostel or Airbnb, camping at the beach, or playing bocce ball outside.

42. Compass

travel gift idea

A vintage styled gift that is travel inspired. It’s a very symbolic gift that can be beautifully personalized with engravings. I put this under adventure traveler but any traveler would appreciate what this gift symbolizes.

43. Water bottle

travel gift

There are millions and millions of water bottles on the market these days. But I find when you can personalize one with a joke, the recipient genuinely appreciates it. For instance, my boyfriend always used to lose his water bottle. So I made him a water bottle and wrote “THIS IS BILLY BOB’S WATER BOTTLE”. I dare him to lose it. (BTW name not Billy Bob).

44. Water Purifier

travel gift ideas

A water purifier is a necessity for those traveling to undeveloped nations. Becoming violently ill abroad is usually a result of untreated water. There are dozens of purifiers on the market that make it as simple as filling up a water bottle to create safe drinking water.

45. Collapsible Cup

traveler gift list

It’s not always accessible to bring all the eating or drinking utensils you may want. By gifting a collapsible cup you are gifting the insurance of a coffee cup wherever they go. Plus these traveler gift ideas come in fun colors.

46. Waterproof Phone Case

travel gift

Pretty self-explanatory. You can find a surprisingly cheap option for the quality. This is essential for anyone who dreams to take underwater selfies while snorkeling or dipping in the crystal clear waters of Mexico.

Gifts for the Nostalgic Traveler

47. A Photo Compilation Of IG Posts

Etsy Travel Gift

Etsy is a wonderful website where you can find artists and curators that will take the snapshots of your friend’s Instagram and turn them into a cherished physical memory. Digital is fine but real is better.

48. Framed Photo

travel gift ideas

A simple gift that will go far. Find a photo of you and your giftee and write them a sweet note on the back of the photo. Taking the time to find a unique frame that matches their style is a simple way to tug on their heartstrings.

49. Locket

traveling gift

 Maybe a bit old school but I still love this idea for traveler gift ideas inspiration. Add a photo of a cherished memory on the inside and engrave the outside with their initials for a timeless gift.

50. Scratch Off Map

gifts for a traveler

Is it really a traveler gift ideas list without one of these on it? A classic wanderlust gift. There is something so satisfying looking at a real map and seeing first hand all of the places you have traveled. It is also a fun way to see where you would like to plan your next trip. If you want to go the extra mile, gift a frame to make it easier for them to hang up after receiving it.

51. Cork Globe

cork globe travel gift

An alternative to the scratch off map. A cork globe allows your friend to mark where they have been and where they would like to go. It’s a fun option for those with a desk to fill up or on a counter to serve as a conversation starter at parties.

52. Metal Photo

travel present idea

A unique variation to the framed photo idea. Not many people have metal photos but it brings a certain luxurious feeling to wall decoration. It’s a great standout piece to highlight past travels and memories.

53. Photo Blanket

travel gift idea

I personally wouldn’t want a blanket with my face all over it. HOWEVER, I think it would be really fun to have a blanket of a bunch of black and white landscape photos I have taken in the past, or a giant picture of beach I have traveled to. There are options besides making a blanket with a selfie on it. This will require some photo research on your side, but it’s worth it.

54. T-shirt Quilt

travel present idea

It’s a cute idea to make a t-shirt quilt or t-shirt pillow out of some of their old t-shirt memories. But..ya know…make sure you know them well enough before you go looking through their charity bag….

55. Postcard Book

travel gifts

Gifting a postcard book is a great gift for the friend who wants to bring back a bit of wherever they have traveled. Maybe they already collect postcards, and if they don’t, even better! By gifting them a book to start a collection, they’ll be excited to add to it for months and years to come.

56. Scrapbook

travel gift idea

You can either make them a scrapbook of a trip you have done together or gift them a blank book they can enjoy filling out themselves. Either way, scrapbooks are classic traveler gift ideas for anyone wanting to look back and enjoy reminiscing on past trips and memories.

57. Photo Calendar

traveler gift idea photo calendar

This is a great gift that can become your signature! Take a tip from my family and make one every year for your wanderlust ridden mother or vagabond sister, or brother, or nephew, or pal, or whatever.

58. Travel Journal

gift ideas for travelers

A beautiful gift that can be personalized for the giftee. Gift it with some nice pens and cute stickers and get them excited to document their thoughts as they meet and converse with people from all around the world. Give them the goal to write in it every day for a year and see where it takes them.

Gifts for the Stand Out Traveler

59. Portable Coffee Press

gifts for travel

If anyone’s out there, I wouldn’t mind this as a gift. Just saying. Give the gift of alertness and wrap up this ultralight portable French press for your traveler in mind. They will forever be happy and caffeine high.

60. Priority Pass Membership

travel gifts

A priority pass lets the member access over 1,300 airport VIP lounges! Think of all the tiny sandwiches they could get their hands on. This is a great gift for the one who needs to arrive early to the airport to make sure they can have a glass of wine in comfort before boarding their plane to Milan. 

61. Silk Travel Liner

christmas gift for travel

Silk liners are the best lightweight option to give you peace of mind when you’re constantly switching hostel beds in your travels. Silk liners are easy to clean while traveling, breathable, and can keep unwanted bug bites at bay while you sleep.  It’s also great to keep from damaging your hair as you sleep!

62. Tea infuser

travel gift

Just because I love my coffee doesn’t mean I forget about my tea drinking buddies. I LOVE TEA. And having a portable tea infuser that I can take with me through the airport is a game changer. Long layover, time for a tea. Waiting for your bag, time for a tea. Lost your passport, time for a tea.

63. Thermos

presents for travelers

Cold coffee is the worst. Traveling with a thermos gives that extra dose of comfort that only a warm beverage can provide. And now that we’ve entered the 21st century they can even keep your ice iced and your hot bevies hot. 

64. Silk Pillowcase

travel holiday gift guide

You may be thinking, girl, there is comfort and then there’s being a princess. But hold the phone. Traveling with a silk pillowcase is not only fantastic for a head of hair but also hygienic. Silk is hypoallergenic, meaning it’ll keep the mildew out and because it’s so soft, it protects hair from being damaged throughout the night.

65. Candles in Metal Tins

travel gifts

There are few comforts in this world that can compare with relaxing in candlelight. These cute little traveler gift ideas offer up portable comfort that they can enjoy time and time again. 

66. Sleeping Masks

travel gift guide

Have a friend traveling to Alaska in the summer? Great, get them a sleeping mask. Sleeping masks will block out natural and artificial light leading to better zzz’s. A part from Alaskan summer travelers, these are extremely useful when dealing with jet lag or airplane overhead lighting.

67. Face Masks

travel gifts

Flying around high in the sky is very dehydrating for the skin. Help your friend or family member get back to their gorgeous self with travel face masks. After 10 minutes lounging with one of these, it’ll look they just spent 5 hours at a spa, not 8 hours on a plane.

68. Compression Socks

travel gift

Compression socks are specifically designed to you guessed it, apply pressure. This compression is helpful for maintaining blood flow and decrease swelling, a common side effect from airplane travel. Help your traveling friend fly in ease and comfort with a nice pair of compression socks.

69. Travel Neck Pillow

travel gift

I’m only 5’ 2” and I find sleeping on planes difficult so I feel for the rest of the world. This is why this made my traveler gift ideas list. This travel neck pillow is the greatest option for falling asleep while sitting up. I haven’t found a TSA regulated air mattress I can take onboard, so this travel neck pillow is the next best thing. 

70. Lightweight Hoodie

traveler gift ideas

Every traveler needs one so you might as well upgrade theirs. You can find some seriously luxurious hoodies on the market. One that is both stylish and comfortable would make their next trip ooooh so lovely.

71. Travel Blanket

travel gift idea

Have you been on an airplane lately? It’s freaking cold. Anyone could use a travel blanket, and if they aren’t using it on a plane they can use it for a lovely picnic by the riverbed. Check out these travel blankets that provide warmth, durability, and versatility.

72. Traveling Keypad

travel present idea

I bought one while living in Macau because I still had a woolly mammoth of a computer that was obnoxiously heavy to bring to a coffee shop. Therefore I bought a traveling keypad that connected to my iPad through Bluetooth. If you have a friend who wants to start documenting their travels but doesn’t have a fancy lightweight laptop. This is a great gift for them.

73. Travel Games

traveler gift ideas

Traveling often includes long waits while sitting on the floor, lines that don’t move, cancelled plans, and bad weather. These are great traveler gift ideas you can gift year after year. Think ahead for them and get them some easy games to pass the time when they are missing the comfort of non-nomad life.

74. Portable Projector

travel gifts

A great gift for the one who wants a cinema like experience from the comfort of their hotel room or Airbnb apartment. This gift is great for creating epic movie nights and new traditions wherever they may be in the world. 

Gifts for the Comfort Traveler

75. Personalized Roller Bag

traveler gift ideas

If you are thinking to go the route of getting them their main suitcase travel bag, make sure you talk to them first to find out what type of bag they are looking for. A personalized bag is a wonderful idea but they may want some input before you offer to purchase it for them.

76. Personalized Backpack

personalized backpack gift

A similar statement as above. A travel backpack is such an essential part of traveling that a certain traveler may prefer a specific design over another. As a women, I tend to prefer smaller backpacks with thick straps to keep back pain at bay. Every traveler has their opinion on what works best for them, and as the gifter, it would be very sweet and considerate of you to ask.

77. Personalized Toiletry Bag

Personalized toiletry bag travel gift

A fun way to spruce up a mundane object. Personalize it with a fun travel quote or keep it classic with their initials. Another example of a Dopp Kit but with a bit more thought and heart. A great gift for anyone wanting to remember how special they are while combing their hair. 

78. Personalized Passport Holder

personalized passport holder travel gift

Not everyone loves using a passport holder but when chosen correctly they can be as useful as a wallet. Find one with a pocket or two to help them hold their passport and their essentials. 

79. Personalized Playing Cards

Personalized cards travel gift

Cards are the quintessential travel game. Give them an extra dose of fun and personalize them with their favorite animals or celebrities.

80. Personalized Makeup Bag

Personalized makeup bag travel gift

When it comes to traveling, the traveler might be more okay with splurging on museum tickets than on organizers. This is why providing them with a durable, cute, and customized makeup bag will be surely appreciated.

Gifts for the Stylish Traveler

81. Blanket Scarf

blanket scarf travel gift

This was one of my favorite gifts I have ever gotten. First I thought, wow this thing is abnormally large. Then I took it on a trip with me and it became a pillow, a blanket, a fashion statement, it kept me warm under my jacket, for all intents and purposes it became my blanky. No shame. Everyone needs a fashionable travel blanky scarf.

82. Crushable Hat

crushable hat travel gift

Sometimes there are occasions that need something greater than a sleek pair of jeans and a well fitted blouse. Insert: crushable hat. Hats are obnoxious to travel with, but if it squishes down like this one, they won’t fret over ruining it in their luggage.

83. Travel Purse

travel purse gift idea

A good travel purse is a like a good travel companion. You didn’t know what you were missing until it’s right there in front of you. If you do your research, you can find your travel giftee a beautiful leather purse with lots of pockets and style oozing all over it. I suggest leather because the longer you have it the more beautifully worn in it looks.

84. Smart Watch

smart watch travel gift

For anyone who wants to stay as connected as possible while still sporting a sleek look, an apple watch is the answer. Smart watches used to be gross and humongous but now I think the options on the market can highlight a dainty wrist just as well as the big guy’s. They also come with an assortment of watchband designs!

85. Jewelry

jewelry gift idea for travel

A beautiful statement piece that can be worn from the airport to dinner will surely be appreciated. I find I always want to travel with that one necklace that I am fine with having in every picture. Make it your goal to gift that perfect necklace.

86. Jewelry Organizer

travel gift ideas

This is a great present for any gal who refuses to travel without her earrings *cough cough* me. I have tried a million ways to travel with jewelry but it always ends up getting tangled and frustration ensues. Having a jewelry organizer will keep the stylish sane and on time for dinner reservations.

87. Bag Tag

bag tag travel gift idea

They might have a boring black luggage but have a sparkly personality. Help them out and get them a fun customized luggage tag that will make them feel as unique as they are and also help from someone else accidentally grabbing their bag.

88. Travel Wallet

traveler wallet

This one can be practical just as well as it can be stylish. I have mentioned this with other items on the list but just as a backpack or a roller bag, your giftee might have specific wants and needs when it comes to wallets. Just a suggestion, but maybe try to find out what they would go with then let your intuition guide you.

Gifts for the Planner Traveler

89. Piggy Bank

traveler gift ideas

A cute idea for the one who is saving their nickels and dimes for their next big adventure. Watching their savings grow penny by penny is great motivation to save for that next flight to Costa Rica.

90. Guide Books

travel guide book present

Guide books are so much fun to read when you are excited about a destination you have never been to before. Find out 2 or 3 cities they are planning on hitting up in their next trip, and grab them a guide they can research before the trip.

91. Language Lessons

language lessons travel gift

Anyone excited for their first intercontinental trip will be looking up how to say “hello,” “where is the bathroom,” and “one coffee please”. Help them out and get them covered with the basics by gifting them language lessons.

92. Miles

traveler gift ideas

Gifting miles to someone will essentially make their decision to plan that next trip THAT much easier. If you don’t see yourself using some miles before they expire, any traveler would love to be gifted something that could be so directly linked to travel.

Gifts for the Traveler Who Captures Every Moment

93. Camera

traveler gift idea

If you know a traveler who is becoming a bit more serious about photography, a camera is an amazing gift. Camera prices can be a bit daunting so have a good idea about what their goal is with their photography before stopping at Best Buy.

93. Shadow Box

traveler shadow box gift

There’s something about seeing the physical tickets and bus stubs and business cards that will strike you for years to come. Shadow boxes are an amazing way to showcase the physical manifestation of travel. They may even spark memories that could’ve only been brought upon by seeing that one boat ticket to a Greek Island 5 years ago…

94. Polaroid Camera

travel gift ideas

Such a fun thing to have while traveling! They may be a tad large to shove in a carry on but those who aren’t afraid to travel with a few extras would love having something that can capture the moment and deliver it physically within seconds. It’s a wonderful way to share memories with friends you meet along the way.

95. Camera Bag

travel gift camera bag

Cool camera bags that don’t scream “Hey look at me!! I have an expensive camera in here!!” are essential for traveling. They can cut down on the risk of crime and have potential to add style. Help them look good, get them a nice camera bag.

96. Cell Phone Lens Attachment

travel gift

For the avid photographer who wants to snap photos that are a bit more detailed than what a smartphone provides and not as intense as a DSLR, a lens attachment will be the answer.

97. Camera Strap

camera strap gift idea

A nice way to add a bit of style and durability for your photographer traveler buddy/family member/acquaintance. A personalized leather camera strap adds a beautiful touch of style for anyone who likes to capture the moment.

98. Photography Course

traveler gift ideas

Maybe your buddy doesn’t know how to take anything but a selfie. No problem! That’s why these courses exist! Grab them a complete photography course this holiday season and you will thank yourself next time their photos pop up on your Instagram feed.

99. GoPro

gift idea for a traveler

GoPros are an amazing small gadget that record sporting footage with ease. GoPro even makes it easy to gift them by allowing you to input the recipients information into a “Gift subscription” tab if you already have a GoPro Account.  

100. Gimbal

travelers gifts

For the one in your life who is all things video. A gimbal is a step up in video accessories. It absorbs shakes and bumps and turns any video into a cinematic experience.

101. Drone

gift list for travel

A great gift for the technologically savvy traveler in your life. Drones can create some epic travel videos, and it can turn into a really fun hobby for some. It can be an investment as the prices are still quite up there, but it can also be a life changing gift.

Traveler Gift Passes/Cards

102. FlightGift

traveler gift ideas

Give the gift of a flight to anywhere they want to go! With FlightGift they will be have options to over 980 global destinations. 

103. Airbnb Gift Card

airbnb gift card travel gift

Help them make their dream trip a reality. Airbnb is a great option for travelers who want to feel right “at home” after long sight seeing days.

104. Activitygift

cycling tour gift card

An international gift card. 50,000 options in 160 different countries; ranging from wine tours to museums to performances.

105. GetYourGuide

travel tour guide gift

The international gift card that covers more than 60,000 local tours in 3,600 global destinations.

106. XperienceDays

food tour gift idea

A statewide gift card. 1,500 different experiences that cover gourmet food tours, golf lessons, and even skydiving all across the USA.

107. TravelZoo

segway tour giftcard

A travel deals website that has seasonal gift cards for any type of moment you crave throughout the year. 

108. National Park Pass

america the great pass

Give the gift of America’s land! This pass covers ALL National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands.

109. Xanterra

grand canyon as a gift for a traveler

Cover National Park Expenses with a gift card that covers concessions of lodges, restaurants, and retail at some of America’s top National Parks; Death Valley, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, and Zion. P.S. THE CARD NEVER EXPIRES!

110. Disney Theme Park Gift Card

DisneyLand gift card for a traveler

A great gift from family to family or for the honeymooners who still want to fashion some Mickey Ears.

111. Roomcard

hotel room gift card

The lodging gift card NEVER EXPIRES! This card covers over 1 million properties from 990 global lodging brands such as Hilton or Marriott. They also cover independent brands that feature hotels, apartments, cottages and vacation homes.

112. Epic Ski Pass

skipass gift card for a traveler

Give the gift of a season on the slopes. The Epic pass covers Vail, Breck, Whistler Blackcomb, Park City, and a lot more!

113. Amtrak Gift Card

amtrak travel gift card

Everyone knows train travel is one of the best ways to get around. Be their favorite and gift them with amazing views while going from point A to point B.

Traveler Subscriptions

114. Masterclass

traveler gift ideas

Give them the gift of knowledge. There are dozens of amazing courses and lessons on Masterclass. They can learn how to draw better, take better photos, communicate better, the list is endless.

115. Audible

traveler gift idea audible

Any traveler would love to have the gift of audiobooks. It’s a great option to those who want to listen to some guidebooks while transiting in airports or bus stations, or daydream while listening to someone tell a story of a make believe land. This subscription was made for people on the go.

116. Headspace

traveler gift ideas headspace

Traveling isn’t always chocolate and roses (is that even a saying?). I love Headspace and it has saved me in more ways than one. Giving the gift of meditation is an extremely thoughtful gift that I’m sure in the right hands will be greatly appreciated.

117. Babbel

traveler gift ideas 117

Give the gift of language! They can study multiple languages at one time and learn at their own pace to prep for their next big adventure.

118. Scott’s Cheap flights

traveler gift ideas

There is a free version but by gifting your travel pal a premium subscription they will have first access to the best flight deals out there!

119. Classpass

classpass travel gift

A great option for the one who seems to be running (I’m so punny) through a different city every time you text them. Classpass offers thousands of fitness classes all across the country.

There you have it. 119 gift ideas for the traveler in your life. If you’ve made it this far and you still don’t know what to do, I wish you the best of luck. Maybe a nice hug will suffice.

christmas gifts

Any gift ideas that you think should make it on the list? Don’t be shy, lay ’em on me!