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The name’s Sammie. In 2017 I decided to move my life half way across the world to have a shot as an acrobat in the World’s largest water show. It was a shot in the dark for a dream and it worked. I got to perform as a professional acrobat and transformed myself into a clown multiple days a week. It was the most extraordinary time of my life. 

Life has been nuts since. I’m talkin’ 7 country changes in 2 years type of nuts. During Covid, I moved to Mexico with my boyfriend to escape being separated by travel advisories, then took a circus contract in Dubai in August 2021. And because (it’s becoming clear) I can’t sit still, I moved back to North America to be a circus nomad in 2022. 

Since then, I’ve entered into limbo. A long distance relationship with my frenchman is on my mind and navigating the freelance world while juggling Cirque Du Soleil schedules is in my planner. It might not be stable and it’s definitely a challenge some days! However, with the constant reminder that my choices are my own and no own else’s, I get through the hard days and remember all in all my glass is half full. 



Currently being a circus nomad in the USA until I start my next contract with The Ringling Brothers! Only a few more months to kill…

An Epic Drive From San Francisco to Big Sur

An Epic Drive from San Francisco to Big SurAn easy day road trip or a weekend getaway with life-changing views. Going from San Francisco to Big Sur is too easy and too beautiful not to do at least once. Spring 2023 was rough for Big Sur. For Updated Big Sur Road...

An Honest Escape Campervans Review from a Newbie

An Honest Escape Campervans Review from a Newbie

An Honest Escape Campervans Review by a NewbieThis Escape Campervans Review is done by me, a campervan novice. Escape Campervans are known for their ridiculously beautiful hand-painted muraled campervans. They are available in 11 locations around the US and Vancouver,...


Travel is a beautiful thing. It’s education in its simplest form; a chance to build resilience while testing your limits. It just takes one encounter to change your perspective forever. 






My Circus Demo

I may not be an expert at one thing, but gosh darn it, I can definitely do a few things. 

Travel Gallery

From monasteries in Tibet to dress rehearsals on stage, I’m trying to capture the moments I’ll hopefully never forget.

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