Hi, I’m Sammie!

me in china

About me

The name’s Sammie. I’m an all American gal from Chicago who decided to try her hand in the circus. An American you proclaim? Indeed. Fascinating, I know. Maybe a tad less interesting, I graduated from college with a marketing degree and a background in artistic gymnastics. I gave myself 6 months to attempt to get into the mysterious world of cirque before sliding into the world of pencil skirts and happy hour. Bing Bang boom, the attempt worked. More happy hours, less pencil skirts. 

Two years later I found myself living in Macau as a flyer acrobat in the largest water show in the world, The House of Dancing Water. I spent my mornings playing Ukulele, my afternoons studying clowning, my evenings flying 20 feet in the air, and my weekends wandering Asia for street food. It felt like a movie. And while some days it felt like Disney channel, other days it felt like a horror film. And every so often, it was a self made drama. And drama there was when the pandemic made a flashy entrance. As quickly as I saw my dream of becoming the first female clown of a world renowned show, I saw the dream vanish when the show closed for good. And as life goes, we must adapt. 

The Past is The Past, What’s Happening Now??

I learned a lot about myself in those four years. It was a fascinating and fun time. But also my time there was laced with depression, heavy anxiety, and disordered eating. Circus isn’t always as glamorous as it seems but I’m willing to find my way in it and am determined to get rid of the imposter syndrome. Since then, it’s been bonkers. I lived in Mexico with my boyfriend, training circus in parks and drinking Pacifico (not at the same time). And after that we both received a contract to perform once again for Dragone (big circus company) in Dubai. Wasn’t our place to be and decided to leave a year in. Now we are navigating long distance while juggling freelance work and Cirque Du Soleil touring schedules. Life is a challenge, but oh is it worth it. 

My philosophy

There’s more to every life than the shiny spandex you see from a seat in the audience.

I believe we get caught up in what life is supposed to look like. But the reality is; life isn’t supposed to look one way or another. There is no wrong, there is no right. And in the word’s of my Dad, “we all end up in the ground, so pick your path to get there.” This is my path. And though at times it has a little less sparkle than I’d like, it’s my own and I’m happy to be here. 

Sammie Pearsall Mongolia

What’s the blog about?

This blog is a compilation of travel, good food, my circus exploration, and the way I’m interpreting the world around me along the way. There are tips & stories, plans & ideas, and with time; advice and insight I learned and wish I had heard.

We are surrounded by what we SHOULD do. There is no correct path. There is only the path we choose. With this blog I want to show people it’s okay to do the unconventional, even if you’re alone. You’ll find your tribe. The world has so much to offer, hopefully I can help you find some of it.

If this blog can inspire one person to try something new, that will be enough. And if I can convince another that life is uniquely ours, I’ll sleep well at night.

outside in mexico
Sammie Pearsall Mongolia

Enjoy the rambling of me, Sammie, the self proclaimed renegade.