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A Quick Weekend Getaway to Bacalar [Guide]

bacalar lagoon

While living south of the border, it was hard to avoid this Bacalar Mexico coming up in conversation. For such a hot topic, I naturally became curious and insisted we have a look. Based on my experience, if you are coming from Europe there is a good chance you know of this tiny paradise. But if you’re an American, welcome! Believe it or not there is more to Mexico than Cancun and Tulum but you’re going to have to trust me.

Laguna de Bacalar is the main reason to go.

Laguna de Siete Colores

It’s the lagoon of 7 colors or laguna de siete colores. It’s remarkable and mystical. It’s beautiful hues of turquoise and blue make it difficult to believe it’s natural yet only something so pure could be this beautiful. Bacalar, Mexico is the perfect place to relax and reconnect. We actually planned this trip after a few rough weeks mentally for me. I was feeling the effects of the pandemic and even in the beautiful environment of Mexico I felt lackluster and empty. Laguna de Bacalar was my medicine. Reading, meditating, and sunshine does the soul good.


Where is Bacalar, Mexico?

What you are going to want to do is take the Yucatan Penninsula and trace your finger all the way down. When you think you’re pretty much in Belize, you’re there. It’s so easy to get to, it’s a shame I had never heard of it before.

Bacalar is a small lagoon town. It’s quiet enough to feel quaint but established enough to find an amazing meal and night on the town. Though, as with much of the Yucatan, it’s building up fast. When we traveled there in the spring of 2021 it felt cozy and comfortable but the pace of construction could have this place turning into a second Tulum in a matter of years.

How to get there:

Rent a Car:

Renting a car is affordable, easy, and useful in Bacalar. From Cancun it’s a straight four hour drive south along the 307. Four hours! That’s it!
As foreigners nesting in Mexico for an undisclosed amount of time we were overly thankful for the guidance and help of the locals around us. As a female traveler or an inexperienced traveler Mexico might seem too dangerous to venture into. But listen when I say, it’s EASILY doable. Our local buds encouraged us to rent a car and do the easy drive ourself. And we were happy we did!

By Colectivo:

The colectivo is an alternative option and will drop you in Bacalar for around $10. However, I suggest renting a car so you can have the flexibility to drive along the lagoon and try out different piers and areas.
Bacalar mexico

7 Things To Do In Bacalar Mexico

  1. Kayaking
  2. Paddle boarding
  3. snorkeling
  4. Taking a boat trip
  5. Visiting nearby cenotes
  6. Camping
  7. Graffiti tour

Best Piers to Experience Laguna de Bacalar ( Laguna de Siete Colores)

There are multiple locations to enjoy the magical waters of Laguna de Siete Colores in Bacalar. However, some of these locations are more touristed and others are quiet and serene. Depending on what you fancy, here’s a list to help plan your day. 

1. El Encanto

El Encanto Bacalar
Entrance Fee: 40 pesos.

Kayak rental: 150 pesos per 2 person kayak.

This pier was my absolute favorite in Bacalar, Mexico. Recommended by our wonderful Airbnb host  it did not let us down. It’s maintenanced by a church and the grounds are beautiful. It’s nestled in the forest, a dirt road away from the highway.

We arrived on a cloudy day with a bit of rain and had the whole pier to ourselves. And luckily we held out despite the weather because even with the clouds, the water glistened and showed its beauty with and without the sunshine.

I could’ve stayed the whole weekend in just this location, and you can! There are cabanas available for rent to spend the night (wish I had known this before!). There is also a campground available if you wish to pitch a tent. But if you just wish to spend the afternoon, bring a cooler with some cervezas and snacks to relax the day away

2. Laguna Bonanza

Laguna Banonza Bacalar
Entrance Fee: 30 pesos.

Table Rental: 50 pesos.

Kayak Rental: 150 pesos per 2 person kayak.

This is definitely a local hangout which makes me love it more. There were tables full of picnics and people scattered near the water reading and playing. It was busy but did not feel crowded.

We opted out of renting any kayaks but we did bring our snorkel gear. The snorkeling is nothing like the reefs of Puerto Morelos but there are pods of fish dancing around you that are fun to watch from the bottom of the lagoon. And if you forgot your goggles, no worries because the water is CRYSTAL. I spent my afternoon laying on my belly on the dock tracing the fish with my fingers in the water. Just like El Encanto, come prepared with a cooler of drinks and food and expect to lose your afternoon at this beautiful hangout.

3. L’os Rapidos

L'os Rapidos Bacalar
Entrance Fee: 150 pesos.

Kayak Fee: 150 per person.

As you may have noticed, L’os Rapidos is a tad more expensive than the local piers. And that is because this is the main pier for tourists. Not to say this is bad and you should not go! It’s just a bit more expensive.

L’os Rapidos is a beautiful pier connected to the Bacalar Lagoon equipt with a restaurant and bar with tables and chairs. It offers paddle boards along with one and 2 person kayak rentals. It is a gorgeous area to lounge and people watch as you see quite the spectacle with instagram influencers soaking up the picturesque landscape. There isn’t as much space to lay out however there are many more lounge chairs and tables available here than the previous two piers mentioned. If it is your first time visiting Bacalar Mexico and have not thought ahead to bring a cooler, make this your first stop!

Bacalar Mexico

Top 6 Restaurants in Bacalar, Mexico

LOVED THIS PLACE, fantastic cocktails. This place is my #1 Reccommendation.

A great option for live music.

You have to order the garlic bread.

Perfect for a nice night out.

A great option for breakfast.

Nice ambience to linger over some drinks.

mexican cocktails

Where to stay?

Bacalar is alive with cozy welcoming Airbnbs as well as some beautiful shnazzy hotels. For a list of Top Bacalar Airbnbs and Hotels ranked budget to luxury, CICK HERE.

Habitas Bacalar
Have you been to Bacalar?? Please comment below with any new ideas of things to do or places to go!