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Pike Place Market Guide to the MUST-STOP Shops

Let’s be honest here. Without a Pike Place Market Guide you run the risk of entering and not coming out for days, maybe weeks, maybe until the next Ice Age.

Pike Place Market Guide Sign

Pike Place Market Hours:

Open 7 days a week, closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving

Every day is different but the market is active from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Pike Place Market Address:

85 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

Pike Place is Seattle’s original farmer’s market. They sell artisanal crafts and locally sourced specialty foods. Considered “the soul of Seattle”, it would be a shame not to at least check it out.

However, as wonderful as it would be to get stuck in a place of endless food and fun things to buy, I present you with a guide to the shops you cannot miss. The golden eggs, the bee knees of shopping, the creme de la creme.

Pike Place Fish Company

Pike Place Fish Market, the “Fish Guys”.

I visited Pike Place Market years ago for the first time with my sister and spent hours wandering aimlessly. Overwhelmed by the beautiful chaos of the bustling stalls and yelling fishermen, it was amazing. However, I missed a lot. I didn’t know how large Pike Place Market was!

It can be very easy to miss the various levels “hidden” throughout the market. If you don’t take a breath you can leave thinking the Pike Place Market is simply one long walkway with open stalls. While in fact, it includes multiple floors and plenty of resident storefronts.

Here are the top 8 stores you cannot afford to miss. 

 Pike Place Market Guide to the Best Shops:

1. Magic Shop

Pike Place Magic Store

You may have heard the myths of the famous magic shop in the market but it can be a doozy to find. This store is endless fun so plan your time accordingly. Filled with stinging gum, soap that leaves you dirty, card games, books on magic, and more. I scrounged every inch of this store and no, I could not find any back entrance to Hogwarts. A girl can try.

Where is the Magic Shop?

The Magic Shop is on level 4. If you find the fishermen who throw the fish at Pike Place Fish Market, take the staircase to the right of them (if you’re staring at them). You’ll go down the stairs and turn right and go down another staircase. Carry on until you see the Magic Store which will be located on your left.

Located HERE on the map.

2. Chukar Cherries

The Best Pike Place Store: Chukar Cherries

You’ll find an entirely separate post I wrote on Chukar Cherries because that is how much I love this stall. I visited this stall the first time I visited Pike Place Market years ago and took some chocolate-covered cherries home. They were some of the best chocolate-covered anythings I have ever eaten. Made of the good stuff, without any of the weird, hard-to-pronounce stuff. I am so so so sooo happy this stall still exists. They’ve been goin strong at the market for 30 years so hopefully, this is a permanent installation.

Where is Chukar Cherries?

Located in the Main Arcade. The Main Arcade is the main foot-trafficked area you’ll walk through after entering the market. If you enter by the main entrance where Billie the Piggy Bank is (the pig statue everyone wants to take a picture with), you’ll turn right and keep walking. It will be on your left-hand side. 

Located HERE on the map.

3. Pappardelle’s

The Pike Place Market Guide- Pappardelles's
Pike Place Market Chocolate Linguine

Another shop I had the pleasure to visit the first time I went to Pike Place Market. And one that I made sure to come back to when I had the chance. I bought chocolate linguine here. CHOCOLATE LINGUINE. I know that might sound gross but it was ridiculously delicious. And if you’re not into that, try another one of their gourmet-flavored pastas. The lemon and chive seashells are to die for in Mac n Cheese.

Where is Pappardelle’s?

Located on the main floor, this shop is nearby Chukar Cherries. You can find this shop if you enter from the main entrance of Pike Place Market by Billie The Piggy Bank and turn right. Keep walking until you see it on your right-hand side.

Located HERE on the map.

4. Old Seattle Paperworks

Pike Place Market Guide - Old Seattle Paperworks

If you see the Giant Shoe Museum you’ll be comforted in knowing you are right next to the Old Seattle Paperworks store. This shop has a unique collection of old magazines, posters, and advertising art. It’s a fun trip back in time, browsing through stacks of paper filled with hidden gems. There are countless issues of TIME magazines, some interesting old newspaper clippings, and even a few issues of vintage Playboy. I, on the other hand, found an amazing advertising printout for a late circus traveling through the city.

Where is Old Seattle Paperworks?

Located down under on level 4. You can find this shop by going down the stairs located to the right of the Pike Place Fish Market (if you’re staring at them). Then you will go down another set of stairs on your right-hand side. Keep on trucking through until you see either the Magic Shop (across from it) or the Giant Show Museum (next to it).

Pike Place Market Guide- Giant Shoe Museum

Right next to Old Seattle Paperworks

Located HERE on the map.

5. Tenzing Momo

Pike place market guide- Tenzing Momo

Prepare to walk into the West Coast’s oldest herb store of over 40 years. There are lots to be discovered in this “small” shop. They have more than 400 medicinal herbs, 100 fragrances and herbs, tarot cards, natural soaps, herbal teas, and plenty of other things I’m probably missing. Or, if you’re into buying an experience, get your fortune told by one of their two psychic readers. Combined, their readers have more than 60 years of experience. This shop is definitely worth exploring. Unlike my future. Which I would like to keep a mystery.

Where is Tenzing Momo?

It’s pretty simple to get here. When staring at the Pike Place Fish Market you will turn left and keep walking straight, past the crepe store, past the stairs, until you are facing Tenzing Momo. It’s next to Pasta Casalinga.

Located HERE on the map.

6. DeLaurenti

Pike Place Market DeLaurenti store

There are lots of restaurants in Pike Place Market, but I would still suggest that you stop at DeLaurenti’s. They offer unique food shopping and a bite to eat at their attached café. I was amazed while wandering this spot. They sell high-quality imported ingredients. In the shop, there are over 1800 wine selections, over 200 cheeses, and amazing cured meats. You can practically close your eyes and convince yourself you’re in an Italian market in Florence. Make sure you stop by on Friday or Saturday for some fresh handmade mozzarella.

Where is DeLaurenti?

Located on the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street, you can find DeLaurenti Food & Wine at the entrance to the Economy Market. It is on the main floor of Pike Place.

Located HERE on the map.

7. Golden Age Collectibles

Pike Place Market Golden Age Collectibles

This is the oldest comic book store in the world! I haven’t picked up a comic book since I was 11 but I wouldn’t miss out on strolling through this eclectic store. You will find the best in magazine rarities but also original movie scripts, action figures, and nostalgia for days. Even if you are not into comic books, walking through the doors of Golden Age will take you back to a beautiful simpler time. When your only worry was when your mom was going to make you come home for dinner after spending your Saturday afternoon with friends.

Where is Golden Age Collectibles?

This is another one of those shops located on the fourth floor. A little more difficult to find. It is near Gem Heaven and Solstice Designs. It’s in the opposite direction of Old Seattle Paperworks and the Magic shop once you get down to the fourth floor. I would highly suggest asking a shop owner if you have a hard time finding it because my trying to explain it in words will just make it worse.

Located HERE on the map.

8. Peruvian Sweater Stand

Pike Place Peruvian Sweater Shop
Pike Place Peru Sweaters

This is the sweater I bought! I love it oh so much.

Last, but still awesome, the best apparel shop in Pike Place Market. It’s the Peruvian Sweater stand. Now I will be honest with you. I do not know the name of this stand. I bought a sweater from them and it is one of my favorite purchases I’ve made at the market. But here’s the kicker:  I didn’t write down the name of the shop…very helpful I know. Think of it as a fun challenge of I Spy to find the most colorful, warm, handmade sweaters of Pike Place Market. Then feel free to fill me in if you figure out their name.

Where is this Peruvian Sweater Stand?

I can tell you that (at the time of purchasing the sweater) the shop was the first stand on the left side arriving from the NORTH ARCADE entrance of the market. Good luck!

Located HERE on the map

Pike Place is a MUST-SEE attraction in Seattle. Use this guide to see some of the best shops in the market!

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Pike Place Market Guide
Pike Place Market Guide