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Guide to How To Do Clown Makeup

You may be here because Halloween is around the corner, or maybe Halloween is every day in your soul. But clown makeup has so many more purposes! You can use it to disguise yourself at the flower shop, you can use it to scare a child, or a favorite of mine; use it to unlock an alter ego….therapy can only take us so far.

Let’s get to it. First things first. What on Earth will we need??

clown makeup


Clown Makeup Essentials

1. Makeup Sponge or Makeup Brush

This will be essential for applying the white makeup as well as touching up any mistakes you make along the way. Not to say you will make mistakes because you are perfect.

Clown Makeup Brush

2. A Powdering Puff

You will use your puff while applying the setting powder. Also a great tool to channel your inner Hollywood movie star.

Powder Puff

3. White Clown Makeup

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Ben Nye Aqua Paint Cloud White

This is a WATER BASED makeup. So if you cry at the sight of puppies, I’d suggest the oil based version, Ben Nye Clown White. Cloud= water-based, clown= oil-based.

ben nye cloud white clown makeup

4. Setting Powder

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Ben Nye Super White Powder

This will help “set” your white makeup. This will protect you from smudging and smearing if you’re a sweaty mess. More essential if you are a clown not so essential if you are dressing up as a clown.

Ben Nye Super White Setting Powder

5. Color Palette


Water based makeup crayons that are so much fun to paint with! Just dab them in a cup of water and they come alive! One time I used the yellow to draw a sun on my forehead. I was adorable.

Caran D'ache Color Palette

6. Fake Lashes

Guys and gals these are for both of you! Your little beady eyeballs are going to get lost in all this makeup. I suggest wearing some lashes so people can see you not looking at them when they speak.

fake eyelashes

7. Black Eyeliner

Crayon/Pencil– This will be easier to use if you want some black eyebrows or big black freckles on the sides of your nose.

Marker/Pen- This will be better if you plan on doing some detail work with your makeup. Maybe some hearts? Maybe some fake teardrops? Real teardrops…who knows.

black eyeliner

8. Mascara

Good for making your eyebrows look thick and juicy. Also good for the eyes. If you’re confused by that statement, run away now.

Clown Makeup mascara

9. Lipstick

Red is nice, pink is fun, black is cooooooool.

lipstick for clown makeup


If you’re extra like me, make sure you have these extra makeup products handy;

clown makeup set

1. Colored Liner– You can use the colored liner to add more details to your face as well as give your lips a nice outline of color to contrast the lipstick color.

2. Rhinestones– Because rhinestones go with everything.

3. Colored Hairspray- I bet you’d look fierce as a red head.

4. Red Nose- Hellooooo, clown.

Clown makeup black and white

Now that we have our clown makeup toolbox set and ready for world domination, it’s time to DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. Apply ze makeup.

Good luck.


Just kidding, I’m still here.

Since I’m feeling frisky I’m going to help you apply the makeup (virtually. I promise I’m not hiding in your closet…nice shirt by the way) then I will leave you with a couple cute clown makeup ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How To Do Easy Clown Makeup

If you want to get technical…

Joey Clown Makeup– Typically works with the colors white, black, and red.

Auguste Clown Makeup– Always has a white face with accents of any color that makes their heart sing! But no glitter, we aren’t here to steal the show.

But we aren’t in school here, do what you want. I won’t tell on you.

clown makeup

My “Joey” Makeup

cute clown makeup

My “Auguste” Makeup

Step 1: Start with a clean face.


Strip yourself! We need a clean slate here. So go wash your face and let last night’s mascara and tomorrow’s depression wash down the drain.

Step 2: Get Your White Makeup Ready.


I did list Ben Nye Aqua Paint Cloud White which is a water based makeup but you can also use Ben Nye Clown white which is an oil based solid “cream” consistency makeup, if that makes any sense. Stick to the Aqua Paint Cloud White if you’re new. It’s easier to apply.

To use the Cloud White, mix your brush or sponge in water and mix with the makeup. Don’t worry if it’s too much or too little. You can adjust as you go along. The consistency should be like watery paint.

You can mix the water and makeup on your hand before applying to your face to work out the consistency.

Step 3: Apply the White Makeup.


Once you’ve gotten a good consistency, start applying directly to face. Don’t be afraid of it, get after it! The more white you have the more “clowny” you’ll look. Until you’ve applied to much. Then you’ll look like a wedding cake. Delicious!

Try adding a bit extra on your nose. This areas tends to rub off quickly.

*NOTE- If you are looking for darker or creepier clown makeup, check out my tips below!

POSSIBLY Step 3.1: Apply the Setting Powder

*I have listed this as the last step but this can also be done at this point in time.

If you choose to only set your white makeup and leave your colors out of it (because the white powder will dull them), apply the setting powder with your puff now.

Pay extra attention to your forehead, nose, and chin. These areas tend to lose makeup the quickest. I don’t know why, it’s just how it is.

Step 4: Do Your Brows


Use your Caran D’Ache Color Palette:

Choose your weapon of choice. I enjoy red. Once chosen, take the crayon and dip it into your cup of water. Dab the crayon on your hand to get off the excess water. Then draw over your brows. Act as if the edge of your eyebrows are the line and you are a child coloring in the box.

Once again it does NOT need to be perfect. If it goes a little too far, use a tissue with some water on it to gently smear it away. Then add a bit more white makeup to the area if you’ve taken the white off and start again with the crayon once the white has dried. I hope you gave yourself enough time here.

Grab that mascara:

You are going to want to use the mascara brush to “highlight” your eyebrow hairs. Act as if your eyebrows are your lashes and add mascara to them. I prefer to put the mascara on going the opposite way that my eyebrows grow. This means that when you are putting the mascara on, you are going to want to brush your eyebrows toward the direction of your nose. It makes you look crazy. It’s fabulous.

Step 5: Do Your Eyeballs


Use your Caran D’Ache Color Palette:

Your Caran D’Ache Palette is a wonderous tool! Once again, pick your color or colors you would like to use for the eyeliner and eyeshadow. Because I enjoy the way red, white, and black look, I used the red crayon as my eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Just as you used the crayon for your eyebrows, you will apply it the same way for your eyes. Dab the crayon into water and wipe the excess off on your hand or towel. Apply the color just underneath your tear duct line on the bottom and above your lashes on top. It will be a bit runny so work with it. Smudge it into the white if you need. Unless you are using proper pencils (which you totally can use at this point!) it will not be a perfect line.

The crayons might be easier to use as eyeshadow in replacement or addition to the liner. Cover your lids with the watery paint pencil and KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT UNTIL IT DRIES. Don’t get dramatic, it doesn’t take very long.

Grab those fake lashes:

Apply the eyelashes. I’m not going to pretend like I do this often so here’s a YouTube video for reference. 

You can highlight your eyes by adding some black eyeliner on your tear duct line and right above your lash line on your upper lid.

Step 6: Do Your Lips


You can use any lipstick you would like.

To achieve a two-tone look:

Use your red eyeliner to outline your lips. Color them all the way in. For bigger lips, draw right outside of your lip line.

Add the black lipstick to the inner parts of your lip. First just add a little on your lower lip and use your finger to blend with the red liner. You can always add more red liner if it is not blending well.

Do the same for the upper lip. Apply the black lipstick on the inner part of your lip and blend into the red with your finger. Think of the “inner lip” as the area you wouldn’t touch if you were only applying lip liner.

If the blending isn’t going to plan, add some more red on top of the black to give it an illusion of ombré.

Step 7: Add some details


This is where your black eyeliner comes in handy, or really any color that makes your heart happy.

cute clown makeup

Detail Ideas:

  1. Use your black marker eyeliner to draw little black hearts in the corners of your eyes
  2. Draw droopy triangles under your lower eyelid
  3. Add freckles
  4. Draw a sun on your forehead
  5. Instead of wearing a red nose, draw a red dot on your nose. (Like big dot, think nickel, or dime if your nose is teeny tiny).
  6. Be a sad clown and draw an outline of a teardrop on your cheek under your eye
  7. Draw eyebrows above your eyebrows
  8. Make your eyes a star! Draw lines exploding out from your eyes.
  9. Add in smile lines
  10. Add wrinkles, find your wrinkles and draw over them
  11. Give yourself very red cheeks
  12. Add a mole, because you are mysterious
  13. Paint big hearts over your eyes
  14. Make eyeballs on your eyelids, oooooo creepy

Step 8: Apply the Setting Powder


Setting powder is used to keep your makeup in place, but be warned it will make the colors on your face appear more hazy or under a fog. If You would like to keep your colors as bright as they are when first applied, apply the setting powder after Step 3. Unless you’ve followed along as you read (missing step 3.1). And in that case, you are s*** out of luck my friend. 

Use your puff to gently dab powder everywhere. Be careful not to put too much directly over your eyes because your fake lashes will catch the powder and make your beautiful lashes appear less amazing.

Start with your forehead, move on to your nose, your cheeks, and your chin. You can also apply a bit on your lids but as I mentioned, be careful or you’ll screw everything up.

site logo picture clown

Tips for Dark Halloween makeup

What you need for Halloween Clown Makeup:

  1. Eyeshadow brush
  2. Dark palette eyeshadow (one with black is preferred)
  3. Black eyeliner, but you should already have this.

Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas:

Add Bags Under Your Eyes

Use the black eyeshadow brush and dab it into the black eyeshadow. Shake the brush and get off all of the excess pigment, you really don’t need much. Apply the eyeshadow in a sweeping motion from your inner eye to under your eye. To make it look more realistic, it does not need to go all the way to the other side of the eye. You can stop just before halfway.

You can also use a black eyeliner pencil to “highlight” your bags as well. Draw a line from your inner eye and press it under where you feel your eyeball under your skin. This is the area that naturally starts to sink in when we’re old and saggy. Make sure you blend the line with your eyeshadow brush, or else you’ll look ridiculous. 

Add Wrinkles

This is actually easier than you’d imagine. Squish your face. Or maybe you can skip this step. Find your wrinkles. Use a thin eyeshadow brush to draw/fill in your wrinkles with black eyeshadow. You can also use a black eyeliner pencil but go over it with a brush to blend it so it doesn’t look so harsh. Blend people! It’s important.

female clown face 2
female clown face 3

There you have it. How to do clown makeup from someone who is definitely not a makeup artist. I hope this helped. Even just a little. Like, maybe you are on some microscale more clown adept then before reading this article. I’m a glass half-full gal. Remember that sun I drew on my forehead? Freaking adorable.

cute sexy clown

Have any tips or tricks for the makeup inept?? List ’em below!