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Post pandemic fear

Many of us have spoken. Pandemic life is not ideal. Whether we are trapped between four walls or out in the world desperately searching for a job, it’s taken a toll on us all. But what we aren’t speaking about is; what will life be like post pandemic?

It’s cute to think that everything will be shiny and fun. Maybe we’ll pass eachother on the street and give eachother high fives. But probably not. The reality is many of us are as scared of what life will be like post pandemic as we are living out the pandemic.


tulum mexico

Human adaptability

Whether we want to admit it or no, humans can adapt to pretty much anything. We managed to live out over 12 months finding joy in making sourdough bread, or learning how to achieve near perfect Zoom portrait picture quality. Life 8:00 am-8:00 pm has become a steady flow of transitioning between couch and chair or fridge and treadmill. Humans manage.

So restaurants will open and bars will serve us tequila shots once again. Everything shall be jolly and good, right? Well, no, not so fast. There is an extreme anxiety that is being over looked during all of this. As hard as it was for us to to adapt to a life of containment, for many it will be JUST AS HARD to figure out life post pandemic.

Maybe it’s not being said but there’s a strong fear that is tied to the day restaurants open up and the leashes tying us to our house are cut. If you’re an extrovert you might be thinking I’m smoking something.

“C’mon man, this is all we’ve wanted. The world opening up!”

Sure, but for many this year has lingering isolation. Zoom is wonderful but it’s not the same as meeting someone face to face. It’s difficult for many people to feel the same connection to their friends and family through the screen of their phones or computers. These multiple months of “nurturing” connections virtually have left us believing these connections are weak, if not nonexistent.

dog in mexico

This is Gordo. Aka Fat dog.

He brings me more joy on a daily basis than I care to admit. He’s a street dog, and he just wants a taco.

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Post pandemic dysmorphia.

I’ve had a unique opportunity to watch the pandemic play out. From day 1 to day 365 I’ve witnessed the sheer torment quarantining has done to the brain. It’s truly morphed what people believe is reality.

Virtual connections don’t work for all of us. And that is okay. It’s not natural, and for some people, trying to keep friendships stable with zoom cocktail hour and meme texts don’t cut it. But what this struggle has lead to is this feeling that these connections don’t exist anymore. I’m here to tell you, they exist. They need a happy hour more than ever. Our mind can make up some dark s*** when it’s given the chance. But just because our mind thinks we have nobody text doesn’t mean there’s nobody to call.

It’s okay to fear normalcy.

Let me say that one more time. IT’S NORMAL TO FEAR NORMAL POST PANDEMIC. You are not alone if you are scared of what to do when the bars open up. Remember, social media isn’t real. Just because everyone on your feed seems to be bursting at the seems with mimosas and crafty beers, doesn’t mean there aren’t others who are beating themselves up for not knowing who to catch up with.

Nobody knows the perfect way to handle this; pre pandemic, during pandemic, and post pandemic.

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So you have the vaccine, now what?

1. Spend 1 week making a list of anyone and everyone you would like to grab a drink with.

2. Be honest with yourself. Which relationships do you want to nurture in 2021, and which one’s are okay to fade into the distance? Not everyone is meant to stay in our lives forever.

3. Change your perspective; pretend you are in a new city, how would you handle the situation?

4. Give yourself time. It’s been a while since we have been able to get together, just because someone isn’t available to grab a drink tonight does not mean they do not want to grab a drink at all. Shoot for another day.

5. Talk. I guarantee what you are feeling, thousands of others are feeling as well. You are not alone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no right way to handle this. We will figure it out by trial and error, and that process will be cut down if we would just freaking talk about it.

If you have any resources available or advice to establish new connections in cities near you, please leave a comment below!